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Getting Older

Arthritic knee

As we get older our bodies experience wear and tear. Muscles tighten and joints stiffen as the body loses some of its flexibility, leaving you more prone to injury.

Osteopathic examination and treatment are non-invasive, gentle and safe. I can use a combination of techniques depending on your presenting problem and any other health issues you may have. These may include gentle stretching, articulation, massage and Cranial Osteopathy. Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle type of osteopathy for all ages, but because it is very gentle it is well suited to treating the older person.

Osteoarthritis is the most common symptom of getting older. Osteopathic treatment can improve circulation around the joint, improve mobility and slow the rate of deterioration in the joint. Treatment to ease old strains held within the body may enable the joints to work in a more balanced way.

If replacement surgery is needed, the body tissues are generally in better health and the recovery is swifter if the body has been able to move around with greater ease before surgery.

Whether you are still working or retired, it is important to take notice and look after your body to enable you to carry out the activities you enjoy, as well as maintaining quality of life and independence.

Patients are seldom disappointed with the results of treatment, often pleasantly surprised by the extent that it helps them to resume a more active lifestyle.