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Sports Injury - Treatment and Prevention

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Our bodies are designed to work in perfect alignment, a balance of strength and flexibility in our muscles allows our joints to glide smoothly as we move. Any deviation from this has the potential to increase the load on a particular area, leading to fatigue and injury. Where imbalance exists, continued training exaggerates the imbalance worsening your condition every time you exercise.

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For example, if you have a rotation in your hip, it can cause an inward rolling of your knee, and as a runner or martial artist, every pace or stance you take increases the risk of ligament strain and/or wear and tear in your knee or ankle.

Young people are especially vulnerable in sport as their growing bodies are often expected to perform to high standards, putting exceptional physical demands on themselves after a day at school slouched over a desk.

By taking a thorough case history and examination I can locate problem areas, helping to prevent injuries before they occur or fix existing restrictions that are causing pain and limiting progression. Osteopathic treatment helps you to get in shape before events and recover more quickly after events.