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Overweight person at gym

Weight Loss

I very rarely tell patients that they need to lose weight. I think it is unhelpful and unnecessary to point this out. In my opinion, being overweight may be hindering recovery, but it is very rarely the only cause of pain.

A sensible weight loss programme will involve taking more exercise. If you're finding it difficult to exercise without hurting yourself then it is possible that you have a pelvic torsion - this is where the joints of the pelvis become misaligned. If you are heavy, your back is under strain and your abdominal muscles may be weak. These two factors are a common cause of pelvic torsion, which will cause debilitating low back pain. This can cause a spiral of difficulty when trying to lose weight: you're just starting to see results and then your back hurts so much that you can't exercise, so you begin to gain weight again.

Osteopathy is a hands on therapy using a variety of techniques, tailored to the individual. Massage and joint manipulation can restore correct function of muscles and joints and I may also suggest exercises and movement techniques to help prevent recurrent injury.